I’ve never felt more healthy then on this current nutrition plan.   I’m not calling it a “diet” because this is a lifestyle change!  This is the first time I’m not counting calories or points, I’m not buying someone else’s food, I’m not taking diet pills or diet supplements,  and I’m not trying to fit into some new fad diet on the market. 

The new approach and what I’m learning with my trainer is what’s best for my body in regards to exercise and nutrition.  My trainer put me through a Metabolic Typing test.  The result?  I am a Fast Oxidizer.  Here are the short definitions for all three types.

  • Fast oxidizer –  should eat foods with more proteins and fats in order to slow down their rate of oxidation and insulin release,  and to better promote stable sugar and sustained energy levels.
  • Slow oxidizer– should eat foods with higher ratios of carbs, since proteins and fat slow the rate of oxidation and energy  production even further.
  • Balanced oxidizer– require foods that have equal quantities of protein,  fat, and carbs in order to optimally process, produce, and use the energy from their food.

All I can say is that I feel so much better.  I’m not eating the traditional three  meals and two snacks a day.  Instead, I’m eating five to six small meals per day.  EVERY meal has protein in it.  This has really helped me not crave “bad” foods as well as not being hungry all the time.  I’ve been eating this way since September! 

I’m a type II diabetic and insulin resistant.  Before I was diagnosed, I was ALWAYS hungry and ate way too much at one time including a bunch of carbs.  On traditional diets, I would always eat the low or non-fat foods along with a little protein, a lot of raw veggies and a lot of fruit juices.  This never worked and I always failed because I was still hungry.  I was eating empty calories!

Now that I know HOW my body works I’m feeding it what it requires.  Low and behold….it’s working!  Imagine that!  

Here’s what I’m eating:  

Protein:  beef, dark meat chicken & turkey, ham, salmon, shrimp, dark tuna, herring, crab, eggs, kefir, yogurt, cheese, beans (kidney, pinto, garbanzo…etc..), peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pistachio,  cocunuts,  and The Perfect Foods Bar!

Oils:  butter, nut better (almond and cashew butter are awesome!), olive oil and sesame oil.

Vegetables:  asparagus, avocado, carrots, cauliflower, celery, green beans, olives, spinach and winter squash.

(Veggies to minimize if you’re a fast oxidizer are beets, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, potatoes, sprouts, tomatoes, zucchini, soft squashes and onions.)

Fruits:  green apples, firm bananas, firm pears

(Fruits to minimize for fast oxidizers are all citrus fruits, apricots, all berries [which is impossible for me….fresh raspberries are my favorite food on the planet] and plums)

Foods to Avoid Completely:  Fruit Juices & Vinegar

I must say that I’m having a hard time avoiding vinegar.  I love to stir fry with red wine or rice vinegars.  I love using flavored vinegar, like tarragon and Balsamic is the BEST, especially in Salad Dressings!  I’m cutting it down but avoiding may take some time!

Do you know how your body works best?