Well, I broke my cleanse!  I only made it 10 days instead of the 21 I was going for 😦

I have not been in a good space for some reason, which really sabotaged this cleanse.   I was not mentally into this one and felt like I was doing back to back to back to back cleanses!  I also was SO SICK of drinking the drink.  I was only drinking like 20 oz a day, not good.  That was not enough.  Dave and I are talking about doing a different type of cleanse next time.  I’m willing to look into that but I’m waiting until the end of this month or the beginning of March.  I want to mention how afraid I was to tell Dave I went off the cleanse.  I txt him and his reply the next day was, “ok, take it  easy on yourself and we’ll figure things out on Tuesday”.   He knows me and figured I was beating myself up for quitting…he was right, I was!  So I didn’t make the goal of this one.  Not a big deal right?  It’s not always going to be that way. 

 In my last post I put down my workout goals.  My bike ride was 20.5 miles instead of 25 miles.  I didn’t workout on Sunday because I was sick.  I will be working out tonight and seeing Dave tomorrow as usual.

I loved eating my fruit this morning and some carrot juice!  Two of my favorite things!  For lunch I had some cottage cheese with fresh blueberries and some walnuts!  Love this too.  Tonight I can’t wait for a great spinach salad with crabmeat!  I love flavors of food and finding new combinations that make my mouth water and palate happy!