Going through changes is not an easy task.  Making real change in your life-style means becoming uncomfortable, stepping outside of your comfort zone.  I don’t like it.  I don’t live alone any longer and am having a little trouble adjusting to when I’m not in  a good mood and want to be alone.  I don’t like showing my negative behaviors around others.  It sure is easier to be in a bad mood, when you’re alone.   I would like to crawl into bed and sleep for the next couple of days!

Now, I have to face my bad behaviors because I have people in my house that I have an influence over.  I’m so irritated that I can’t hide!  😀  I actually have to face these things, and face them I must.  Not only face them but face them with new healthy behaviors!  This is where the real change happens.

Today, I hate it!  I realize, however, this is exactly what I need to go through in order for my negative habits to go away and perhaps deal with them in a more positive manner. 

I have eaten poorly in the past 3 days due to my irritation and bad mood.  I must find another avenue, other than food.  Writing today’s blog is one way.