I sure have gotten back into the routine of working out!  It’s been killing me, haha!!   I’ve been seeing Dave, my trainer, on a regular basis again – twice a week.  He’s really been kicking my butt!  During this cleanse I have zero inflammation to my knees so he’s having me  do more walk/runs!  My legs are sooo sore.    My rest times between cardio and weights are less now too and he closely watches the time.  Sweat is pouring off by the end of the hour!  I used to get grossed out by all the sweat that literally pours off but now it’s almost like a badge of honor!  Does anyone else feel that way?  In fact sometimes I gauge my workouts by how sweaty I can get. 

I must confess I was a big baby and complainer this week with Dave.  Each time I left dripping in sweat.  My mental status is not in a good place now.  I clearly don’t see the big picture this week.  It plays with my head when I work out doing a lot of cardio and don’t see the results I want on the scale!!!    I can’t believe how much it brought me down yesterday.  This is why I don’t own a scale and am weighed by Dave only.  I’m clearly still unable to use it as just a tool.  It affects my mood in a negative way!  😦

My planned workouts for the next several days looks like this:

Today (Friday) – DAY OFF!!! 

Saturday – 25 mile Bike Ride (all flat)

Sunday – Gym, Treadmill Walk/Runs for 1 hr and some weight training

Monday – Gym, Treadmill Walk/Runs

Tuesday – Workout with Dave

Wedneday – ???

Thursday – Workout with Dave


I had ZERO motivation for doing any cardio last night!!  I was having an emotional day and wanted to curl up in my warm bed upon arriving home from work!!!  That sounded really good to me.  I even posted on my Facebook status, “Warm Bed or Treadmill?”  I loved the responses.  Half said the warm bed and the other half said both with treadmill being first!  🙂

I changed into my workout clothes as soon as I got home.  Then I played around on the computer for almost an hour.  I kept thinking I promised my trainer Dave that I would do cardio on my own 4 times last week and THIS week.  I only did 3 last week.   I need to step up my “on my own” working out again.  I then passed my mirror and saw my ever shrinking belly (that is still there, just smaller) and thought…I have to workout for that to go away.  My routine and motivation for any cardio in the last 3 months have gone down the tubes….completely!! 

I’ve learned that consistency is more important than what you do or how long you do it!  Exercising on a consistent basis forms a habit.   Someday it will not be thought of as a chore but rather a lifestyle.  Most of the time, it’s still a chore at this point.  Sometimes it’s not..YEAH!!!

I got my butt downstairs to the fitness center at my apt complex and got on the treadmill for 40 mins with an incline of 11 at a  speed of 3.2!  I then sat in the sauna room for 25 mins.  I felt better for doing it.  When I got back in it was to bed!  I felt ZERO guilt laying in bed the rest of the evening.  🙂

Sometimes the motivation is just not there.   Sometimes you have to just do it anyway.  Did I feel better after?  Physically, not really but mentally, 100% YES because I did it anyway!  That’s why I’ve lost 100 lbs so far.  Doing it anyway when I DID NOT FEEL LIKE DOING IT!!

What keeps you going when you don’t want to?  What are your stumbling blocks to make this health journey a lifestyle?

Last year I decided to raise money and get healthier by joining the ‘Tour de Cure’ bicycle ride for American Diabetes Association.  I rode in the Family Fun Ride, which was about 11 miles.   I want to do it again this year.  I have lost even more weight and want to do the next one up…the 30 mile ride!  I want to show people who eating healthy and regular exercise CAN work in losing weight, getting healthy and controlling your diabetes! 

In ALL of 2009 I was below the 5% A1C and my Blood Sugar Numbers have all been under 100, in the normal range.   Basically I haven’t been diabetic for a year now.  

The ride is in April so I decided I better start training for it.   On Sunday I rode over 20 miles!  Granted it was all flat but was a great start and ego booster to me.  Now I know I will be able to ride the 30 miles in April.  I will have to train on some hills because that makes a huge difference. 

I’m a Red Rider with Diabetes and this is the Biking Jersey I wore last year.  I wonder how it fits today.  It was very tight last year.  I’ll have to put it on this week and see 🙂

I had two workouts with Dave, my trainer, last week and will have two this week.  I worked out 3 times on my own too.  Walked with a friend about 5 miles, did the treadmill at the gym for 32 mins at a high incline with a speed of 3.2, and then the over 20 mile bike ride.  I’ll have to figure out the times for this week on my own as I have a busy week.  Do you have a hard time finding the time for exercise?

These last four days are killing me!  Hahaha.  When I first started I knew I needed to just settle in as it was gonna be a long ride, therefore the great mindset and attitude.  Now that I’m so close to the finish line…I’m anxious for this to be over!  This means I’m a tad more grumpy…

Had a great workout both Friday and Sunday!  Friday I did 35 mins between the elliptical and the recumbent bike as well as 45 mins in the pool doing laps.  Sunday I did 50 mins between the elliptical and bike with 35 mins in the pool doing laps!  I tried my under water lap, which I haven’t done in so long.  Not there yet but getting closer.  I’m able to swim on top of the water and get all the way across with no breaths (25 meters)! 

I had a very emotional bad day on saturday.  Fought with a friend, which left my heart heavy.  Going through this cleanse for 20 days has taught me, should I say forced me, to not go to food to relive me from my emotions….UGH!!! 

Short post, just wanted to say I’m looking forward to eating some good healthy foods.  I’m craving beef, salad with everything, watermelon and raspberries!  I kinda want a baked sweet potato too…oh and some nice grilled smoked salmon…oh yea that would be nice!

Ok, I have to stop thinking about food…

The last two days I’ve been quite ‘achy’, which is normal for the cleanse.  It just means things are moving.  My lower back has had some pain as well.  I’ve been trying to crack my back for relief by bending over at the waist and and letting my arms hang with all my weight there and just let my arms pull down to the ground.  As I relax and just let that happen my spine aligns and I can feel and hear several of the vertebrae crack.  By the way…I HATE that sound of cracking knuckles, bones etc…  My co-worker cracks his neck, which drives me crazy!  Today the cracking was so loud in my back it scared me and I jolted up!

Most of the inflammation in my body is gone.  I still have some around my knees and hips where I have a little arthritis.  I’ve had a few moments when I wanted food and was “hungry” but for the most part, it’s been just fine.  I did say today that I am NOT thirsty anymore and didn’t want to drink my food.  No more headaches either, whoohoo!  I truly believe that my attitude has everything to do with being able to do this and not be grumpy.  My trainer called me earlier to day to check in, see how I was feeling.   I told him that I’m surprisingly doing well this time and since I know it’s for 20 days I better settle in for the ride!  Getting irritated now would make this a VERY long process.

My workout went well today.  I was dripping in sweat most of the time!  I did a lot more cardio in-between sets of push-ups and work with the ball.  My knees are doing pretty good too, thank God!  I have not done any impact exercise since all the most recent knee trouble.  I’ve really been taking it easy on them and this time being ok with it.  I”m growing in that area.  That is, I handled the “step backward” better this time and didn’t beat myself over the head because of it.  I have to say that I didn’t realize that I handled it better until Dave, my trainer, made that observation with me today.  Definitely one of my weaknesses is not being okay when I feel I’m taking a step backward.  It drives me crazy and messes with me emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  I’ve gotten better over the years with ‘progress not perfection’ but certainly have a few areas where perfectionism rears it’s ugly head and stays for a bit!  I’m  glad that I was able to get through this last hurdle faster and with more grace. 

Oh, I’ve lost 6bls so far!  For those of you who’ve been following my blog know that Dave took away my scale and I don’t weight myself any longer.  He does all the weighing and measuring but I don’t get to know what that is, quite yet.  I was shocked that he said, “hey you’ve lost 6lbs so far”, not that I lost 6lbs but that he told me.  🙂  I wasn’t expecting that.   

I had other things to share and now have forgotten. Oh yea, it’s important to make sure you get the sleep you need during this cleanse.  I didn’t get much sleep last night and my energy level was a little worse than I normally would have been.  Therefore, I’m going to bed now to wake up with Day 5 ahead of me!

UPDATE:  Now I remember, I tried my new Tai Chi DVD tonight!  It looks great and I’m going to LOVE it….once I can do it that is!  Hahaha.  I’m literally dyslexic and listening to him give instructions of left and right and back and forward and up and down and then watching knowing it’s the opposite for ME was not so easy!  It’s gonna take some practice for sure.  I didn’t get a workout or anything…just started learning some of the moves. 🙂

First I have to apologize for my Blogroll disappearing!  I didn’t realize it had just dropped off until I went to add a new blogger…not sure how long it’s been but everyones back now!  🙂

I stopped at Trader Joes to pick up some more lemons & limes (I read in the original Master Cleanse Book you can uses limes too!) and to see if I could find any grade B dark amber organic syrup.  I did!  Whoohoo!  Everyday it seems as though I’m running into the aromas of awesome food.  The store was having this big event of some local Padres players signing autographs!  They were BBQing right in front of the store!  HA!  I’ve noticed so far that I am not hungry until I see or smell food!  I’m feeling achy and my knee joints are still inflamed and hurting some.  It will be a few more days for the inflammation to subside.  The “achy-ness” is normal and just means the detoxing is working. 

When I did the cleanse last year for 5 days, it was quite different.  It was only 5 days, I was living alone and could keep myself for the most part away from food and my attitude wasn’t the best or really wanted to do it.  I wasn’t sure of the effects it would have on my diabetes and my body or if I could even do it!  This time I know what I’m walking into and completely 100% embracing the process and looking forward to the benefits knowing it will not harm my body.  I remember being grumpy on day 3 last time…I’m not today, I’m quite happy! 🙂

Yesterday’s workout for me was awesome!  Before I went to the gym I did some @home strength training on my own, then headed out for some cardio and swimming. 


3 sets of 25 Chest Presses w/15lb weights

2 sets of 20 push-ups (desk height level)

1 set of 30 Chest to Shoulder Press w/15lbs alternating arms


Total of 30 mins cardio on the recumbent bike & elliptical on lvl 3, alternating each machine at 5 min intervals.  I had the bike between 72 and 85mph and the elliptical between 5.5 and 7.5rmps.  I hit the sauna for 10 mins.  The sauna at this new gym is so much hotter then the one I used to go to!  I changed for the pool.  I had to wait about 5 mins to share a lane with someone.  Ok, that’s not true…it took me 5 mins to ask this young really hot guy if I could share a lane with him.  🙂  I love at my age how I still get flustered when good looking men are around..hahaha!  I’m sure I’ll get more confident when I lose the weight and get fit and healthy!  After he said, “of course, please”  I proceeded to swim for 50 mins.  I did freestyle with my pull-buoy 90% of the time.  The times I didn’t use the pull-buoy I took it easy on my knees!  I soaked in the jacuzzi for 20 mins then called it a night!  I felt really great afterwards.

First day at work on the cleanse….so far, a few hours in, day 3 is fine.  I’ve heard from SO many folks that day 3 is the hardest.  I don’t think it will be this time as my outlook is quite different!

Not a good night at the gym last night.  I arrived about 6:30, one of the busiest times and seemed to take me forever to change, then had to go back to my car because I forgot my Tiger Balm and MP3 player…two very important necessities in my workout life.  Finally got up to the cardio equipment.  Yes, I’m starting back to cardio other than swimming – YAY!  Dave said to start out slow and on the elliptical.  Well, of course non was available when I got upstairs.  I waited about 10 mins and decided to get on the recumbent bike.  The first bike I got the seat adjuster was broken…tried another and the programming wasn’t working.  Finally found one that was working but later noticed it wasn’t tracking time so I have no idea how much time I was on it.  I’m guessing it was 15 mins.  I was on lvl 3…I think!  Hahaha.  I noticed an elliptical was available so I switched to that.  I did that for 15 mins too.  Decided that was enough since I’m suppossed to start out slow.  It was almost 7:30 already!   It was at this point I knew laundry or food shopping was not going to happen. 

I went back to the locker room to change for the pool for some laps.  I forgot my pull-buoy so another trip back to the car.  🙂  Finally got to the pool area and it was PACKED!  There were two people in each lane and one lane had Three!  So I sat in the chair next to the lanes to wait for a lane to be open.  After about 20 mins one person got out and I was about to get up to share the lane ( even though I really don’t like sharing 😉 a lane) and the person starting doing the Butterfly Stroke.  There’s no way I’m sharing a lane with someone doing the Butterfly…I’ll drown!  Hahahaha…therefore the waiting continued!  After another 20 mins another person left but somehow got snagged before I could get there….hmmm.  Thank goodness only 5 more mins and a couple that was workout together got out.  I had a lane and to myself!  Whoohoo!  It’s 8:15 now.  I really wanted to be in bed by 9:00 as I only got 4 hours the night before.  I was tired but managed to do 30 minutes of freestyle.  I did some laps with the pull-buoy and some wtihout.  My right knee was starting to hurt now.  Got in the jacuzzi and put the jets up to the knots on my outer thighs and my shins seemed to have some knots.  I got home about 9:45pm…so tired.

I’ve been completely overwhelmed with moving and other major events that I needed a day off.  Today, I took the day off to get things so desperately done around the house!  I was up early and got out of the house to get things at Target, the Vet, Home Depot, the Bank and the Grocery store!  I went to Target first and there was a Starbucks!  I haven’t had coffee in months so I decided to have coffee and sit in the shop before I really got started on my day!  I LOVED the coffee and just sitting there, watching the people, not rushing anywhere and just being!  It was SO what I needed and enjoyed that very much!  I got SO much done today and feel a lot better.

I even had a workout with Dave this afternoon.  Half of it was working out and the other foam roller!  Owww!  Now I’m off to my counseling session, which is going very well by the way.  Very productive day.  I think now I can face the rest of the week and weekend with more ease and less anxiety.  I’m feeling less overwhelmed thanks to a day off, nice quiet relaxing coffee break this morning and a good workout this afternoon.  Big good sigh!  Ahhh!