I sure have gotten back into the routine of working out!  It’s been killing me, haha!!   I’ve been seeing Dave, my trainer, on a regular basis again – twice a week.  He’s really been kicking my butt!  During this cleanse I have zero inflammation to my knees so he’s having me  do more walk/runs!  My legs are sooo sore.    My rest times between cardio and weights are less now too and he closely watches the time.  Sweat is pouring off by the end of the hour!  I used to get grossed out by all the sweat that literally pours off but now it’s almost like a badge of honor!  Does anyone else feel that way?  In fact sometimes I gauge my workouts by how sweaty I can get. 

I must confess I was a big baby and complainer this week with Dave.  Each time I left dripping in sweat.  My mental status is not in a good place now.  I clearly don’t see the big picture this week.  It plays with my head when I work out doing a lot of cardio and don’t see the results I want on the scale!!!    I can’t believe how much it brought me down yesterday.  This is why I don’t own a scale and am weighed by Dave only.  I’m clearly still unable to use it as just a tool.  It affects my mood in a negative way!  😦

My planned workouts for the next several days looks like this:

Today (Friday) – DAY OFF!!! 

Saturday – 25 mile Bike Ride (all flat)

Sunday – Gym, Treadmill Walk/Runs for 1 hr and some weight training

Monday – Gym, Treadmill Walk/Runs

Tuesday – Workout with Dave

Wedneday – ???

Thursday – Workout with Dave


Well, it’s official!  I’m now a “poster child” for my trainer’s business.  My before and after pics flash first thing.   To see it, click on this link.  http://www.truhealthandwellness.com

Hopefully by the end of the year a third pic will be up.  The last one showing a total of 165 lbs lost!

Until then, I have another 65 pounds to go.  The pressure is ON!  It’s one thing writing an anonymous blog; it’s another to be out there in front of everyone with your name on it!  🙂

I’m ready to tackle this with the help of Dave, my online friends, my close friends, my co-workers and most of all My God!

First a follow-up

Here’s a follow up from last night’s post about making it to the wall.  I didn’t even make it in the pool!  When I got to the gym locker room and changing, I realized I had forgotten my little bag with goggles and swim cap.  UGH!!  I was already late in getting to the gym.  I only had 90 minutes until it closed!  What to do, what to do.  Can I race home and get them to do maybe an hour swim with no jacuzzi or sauna?  I was starting to feel very sore from Thursday’s workout with Dave, all upper body strength and running.  I had already been at the gym a few hours earlier on the Elliptical.  I wasn’t going to make it home and back in time for a decent swim.  I was thinking about just going upstairs to hop on the treadmill but then realized I didn’t have my tennis shoes on….only my flip flops for the pool area.  I opted to go home. 


This morning as I was catching up on all of your blogs and some interesting new ones, Dave called.  He has switched up my swimming routine.  No more laps until I accomplish the 1 underwater lap.  Hmm, he must have read my swimming post.  When I go to the pool tonight, I will go relaxed and ready to get this done!  One lap of breast stroke slowly down the lane to get to the deeper end of the pool.  Take a few minutes to relax; steady my breathing and my mind.  Swim the underwater lap.  If I don’t make it to the wall underwater, swim slowly to the wall using breast stoke.  Then start again.   That’s it.  Do this for an hour and 20 mins, which is my shortest time I swim when I’m doing my regular routine. 

Bike Ride

I went for a bike ride today to continue my training for the Tour de Cure coming up next month.  I biked non-stop for 1 hour and 14 mins to accomplish 11 miles!  I only intended to do 9 or 10 at the most.  I tried out a new route today in my neighborhood, which was longer.  I had so many obstacles on my ride today. 

  1. My front tire got caught on an uneven crack and I almost spun out…Thank God I didn’t fall!
  2. A car door came open right before I passed the car….didn’t hit it, Thank God!
  3. A very cute puppy came running out from behind a parked car….I didn’t hit him, Thank God!
  4. A funeral procession was happening and I did not get a clear picture as to when it was my turn at the stop sign to go….no one hit me (but almost), Thank God!
  5. A dear friend of mine saw me riding (at my 10th mile) and kept waving at me and rolling down her window to say hi.  When we came to the stop sign, she wanted to chat and asked how I was doing.   This stop sign is in a valley and I hate when I have to actually stop because it’s a killer going up that hill when I do…and I was soo tired and ready to be done.   I’ll have to call her to explain.  🙂

Obstacle – Here’s a few definitions: 

  • A situation or event that prevents something being done
  • A person or thing that hinders movement
  • One that opposes, stands in the way of, or holds up progress
  • Something immaterial that stands in the way and must be circumvented or surmounted

I feel like I’ve overcome many obstacles in my journey to a healthier me.  Like today for example on my bike ride; I successfully circumvented all the obstacles for a ride that didn’t cause injury to myself or others…Thank God!  I’m currently facing the obstacle of relaxing my mind and breathing in order to  gain progress in achieving my underwater lap. 

I’m really starting to look deeply at the obstacles that lies beneath just the physical part of why I’m fat.  Now it’s time to begin to remove those mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles.  I can exercise my butt off, eat right and follow everything my trainer asks of me.  Will I reach my goal?  Perhaps.  But can I keep it there for a life time without gaining it all back?  Isn’t that the fear we all have when losing a significant amount of weight?  If you’re like me, that’s what I’ve done, time and time again…gain it back!  Can I make this a lifestyle with out looking at why I got here in the first place?  I say No.  I’ve been a yo-yo dieter many times in my life and never quite reached my goal weight.  I’ve always gained it back…plus more!  I know this time has to be different if this time is going to be a success.  I will not achieve my final goal, which is physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, medical and nutritional if I don’t change the inside.  

Now, re-read the definitions of Obstacle with this perspective of changing the inside…it reads a little different doesn’t it?  The last one that states ‘Something immaterial‘….there is nothing immaterial when it comes to changing the inside!

Boy, did this guy have an Obstacle 🙂  Wow, I’m impressed!



A lot of you know Swimming has been a part of my workouts.  I love to swim and was called a mermaid by my mother during my growing up years.  She could never get me out of the water.  It just felt so natural and a part of me.  When I was in Middle and part of High School, I used to swim competitively.  My best stroke where I won a lot of Blue Ribbons was for the Breast Stroke.  I was fast!  I’ll never forget a time when I was a newbie in competition where I heard the start shot and I dove in the pool and just starting swimming as fast as I could.  I caught a glimpse of NO ONE on either side of me….I thought to myself, “hmm, did I jump the gun, do I have a false start”?  When I’m in a zone I literally cannot hear anything because I’m so focused and when you have a swim cap on over your ears and water splashing all around, there is no way I’m gonna hear if the judges were calling me back to the start.  So, when I lifted my head to breathI decided to look back on both sides to check it out.  To my surprise, my competition was far behind me but all in the pool!  At that same moment, I heard a voice from the stadium yell, “Don’t look back, don’t stop, just keep going”  and then laughter ensued within the whole stadium!  I felt so embarrassed but just kept on going.  I believe this was 50 meter race.  This was my first blue ribbon.  I felt like I was gliding through the water and didn’t really think I was all that fast.  I beat everyone by a full 5 seconds that race. 

So, fast forward to the present time.  I’m now 43 and weigh approximately 225lbs and back in the pool as it’s one of my first loves!  I picked the gym I became a member of because it has lap pool for serious swimming and not just for wading and playing around.  First I had to get over what I look like in a bathing suit…oh my!  That was not an easy task.  I did have to buy a new bathing suit conducive for swimming lap. 

I started swimming 2 months ago.  When I got into the water and started to swim, it felt like home to me.  I don’t know why, but I always felt safe in the water.  I did 52 laps (I count laps as one way down the lane to the other side) that day of various swims, mostly breast stroke as that’s my favorite!  The next time I saw Dave, he gave me  a routine:

  • 6 laps of freestyle
  • 2 laps of walking & running
  • 1 lap of breast stroke
  • 1 lap of underwater swimming

With the freestyle I breath on both sides every 3 strokes.  Lately I’ve been able to do every 5 about half the time!  The laps of walking / running consists of running down the lane.  It turns into a walk only because I’m so short.  I’m 5 feet tall and the water goes to 4.5 feet.  It’s hard to run when just your head is out of the water :D.  The 1 lap of underwater swimming is not surface swimming.  I go to almost the floor of the pool and swim using mostly the breast stroke underwater to try and get to the other side without coming up. 

I have slight asthma and use the Advair Diskus250/50 inhaler before I start any exercise to open up my lungs to breath easier.  I have to say that the swimming has really helped out my breathing and asthma. 

Since I’ve started swimming in the short two months I’ve been doing it I’ve improved my endurance,  my breathing, my swim form and holding my breath.  Here are some stats:

  • Jan – Swam 5 times – started out with52 laps ended the month with84 laps – started out almost half way with the underwater swim – ended up the month slightly over half.  Also, I had to rest 10 to 15 seconds to catch my breath between each freestyle lap.  (total laps for the month = 397)
  • Feb – Swam 5 times – Got up to 90 laps – the first part of the month I got to 3/4 of the lap in my underwater swimming, then once I got to 7 steps away from the wall (about 12 feet)!  Also, I could now do 2 laps of freestyle before taking a 5 to 10 second break to catch my breath.  (total laps for the month = 410)
  • Mar – Yesterday I swam 100 laps!  I was also able to breath every 5th stroke instead of 3 – On March 5th, twice I got within 7 steps of the wall and once I got 5 steps away (about 10 feet) in my underwater swimming!  My underwater laps yesterday were horrid….I could only do half or 3/4 at best.  I was not mentally there for it, I guess.

Dave has challenged me that I MUST get to the wall by Tuesday March 24th!  That’s less than 2 weeks now.   I’ve been practicing some meditation breathing techniques and trying to learn how to focus.  When I’m focused on something other than I’m holding my breath, I get further to my surprise.  As soon as I think, “I can’t breath”, I panic and it’s all over, I have to come up.  I seem to do that out of the water as well.  If I think I can’t breath when I’m doing any cardio I panic and think I can’t do this anymore and feel like I need to stop.  I’ve been pushing through that feeling with success for the most part.  This seems to be the hardest one.  It’s not about holding my breath, it’s about learning how to relax my brain and lungs and focus.  When I’m relaxed and not worrying about anything…I get so much further.  My heart rate is lower and I can last longer!

I gotta change into my suit and head for the gym.  I wonder if it’ll be tonight? 

Stay healthy everyone and never quit this health journey!  It’s so worth it!

I want you guys to meet my trainer, Dave.  Click on this link here to watch a little 2 minute spot on our local NBC station here in San Diego!  This morning he and Craig, the other co-owner, talked about balance in the key to weight loss.   This is the second T.V. spot they’ve done this year!  The first one was all about Metabolic Typing. 

Also, Dave kindly commented on my post about saying goodbye to my scale , it’s a must read for anyone who may feel the scale is an emotional roller coaster! 

Stay healthy everyone!

Ok, so I have like ten different drafts for posts!  I have starting blogging but have soooo much to say and so many different topics that are going on with me that I just don’t know where to begin.  So here’s a short post to tell you what’s been happening.  Future posts will go into detail.

  • I gained 1lb last week and 2lbs this week – I am the same weight today as I was on Jan 1st.  I’m so frustrated with this.  I’m eating fine and exercising my butt off.  All cardio.  There are a few reasons that I can think of that I will elaborate on in an upcoming post.  It has to do with not being on my diabetic medication, not doing any strength training really in February and only once a week in January.  Also added stress!  I actually have not been on any of my meds – some for 4 weeks some for 6 weeks now.  I’m definitely feeling it…with my age (43) and having diabetes, PCOS, Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure and low HDL these meds really did help me out.  I had to stop for financial reasons, not because I didn’t want to take them.  I was very curious to see how I would do without them.  Now I know I’m not ready or healthy enough to stop them quite yet.  They make my body work correctly therefore when I eat right and exercise my body can respond correctly, if that makes sense.  Anyway – more on that later…
  • I started back with my trainer today!  Yay!  He gave me a butt-kicking workout and even at one point told me to stop crying and whinning!  I was whinning but not really crying – just sounded like it.  He had me jogging for 2 minutes at a 13 grade incline – 3 times!  I’ve never done that due to my knee issues.  I was able to do it!  🙂 🙂 
  • Training for my Bike Ride in April – I’ve not had my training time for various reasons.  I was finally able to start this past weekend.  I’ve done 5 miles three times now.
  • I’m pretty sure I pulled a muscle about 6 weeks ago and was finally able to see my massage therapist on Monday to get a sports massage.  The whole left side of my body was very sensitive.  Physically my body has not been in balance.  I kinda knew that but not sure until Monday.  There are so many real health benefits from getting a massage that most people just don’t realize.
  • I’ve been on a mental, emotional and spiritual intense journey and have learned a few things about myself in the past few weeks that has been affecting my weight loss journey.   This will affect it in the future as well hopefully in a positive way.  There are some stumbling blocks that I have to push through and just not sure how yet.  Some of them I call “core issues”, which are the toughest to overcome.
  • My swimming has really improved as I’ve been working on my form and that underwater lap.  The closest I’ve gotten now is 7 steps away from the wall to the other side.  1 lap is 25meters.  I’m almost there but I start to panic that I can’t breath and then it’s all over and I have to come up.   This is not just trying to hold my breath anymore having asthma.  It’s become so much more than that.  It’s this mental challenge that I’m trying to overcome when I start to panic about not being able to breath…..it’s kinda like that in life too.  I know….a little deep but that’s what’s coming up right now for me in this.  I wish this was just get through to the other side in my underwater lap!
  • Work has become very busy and challenging which is a great thing!  But my contract is up in May and not sure whether or not they’ll renew me.  That’s stressful.  I’m pretty hopeful about it.

Ok, so now you know why I have not blogged…just too much going on…and I’ve been pretty busy.  I want to tackle each one of this in a separate post as they are equally important for me to get out there….talk about and get others opinions.

Up late again….gotta get to bed…I hope everyone is having a great journey and enjoying the process!  I’m trying too enjoy it – I have glimpses but they are ever so fleeting sometimes!  🙂

What happened tonight?  Usually I do my exercising right after work, either by going to the gym or as soon as I get home.  I could feel that I didn’t want to do my at home strength training.  I don’t know what it is about doing this at home by myself that just seems so damn daunting!  Boy, did I ever procrastinate tonight!  I seriously didn’t think I was gonna get it done. 

As soon as I got home I changed into my workout clothes and put my tennis shoes!  I decided to read all your blogs and make comments and get inspired!  Then I decided to get updated with all my friends on facebook….saw a video that my trainer made of one of his clients.  I laughed so hard…not at his client of course but at Dave, my trainer,  egging her on to do her set and jump to hit the 7.5 foot ceiling!  He even said, “if you touch the ceiling I won’t put it on facebook”  ….Dave, you’re a goof!  🙂  I miss the fun that I had working out with my trainer and the other trainers at the studio.  Anyway, I got side tracked, much like I did early this afternoon when I should have been doing MY sets instead of being online.

I finally got my butt in gear around 7:15;  got out my weights, my exercise ball and my stepper.  I began my warm up on the stepper when I felt a shooting pain go through my right knee!  😦  Man O Man, that’s all I needed was a great excuse NOT to exercise, right?  I was actually so mad….NO, I thought…I have to do this!   So I calmed down and took few minutes rest and rubbed it out a bit.  I took some advil about 15 minutes prior…so that would be kickin’ in soon.  I started again when 3 steps into it I came down on my right foot when my ankle collapsed and I fell right to the ground!  😦  Hmmm, ok something tells me I shouldn’t be exercising tonight!  I sat there very frustrated with all the thoughts of I can’t literally do this tonight.  This is such a core issue for me.  I get so irritated, frustrated, angry and sad when I don’t have the ability that “normal” people have.  After calming down again, I thought…ok, what’s the smart thing to do but not give up. 

What I normally do is a 5 minute warm up on the stepper, then 3 sets of a strength exercise with 2 or 3 minutes on the stepper in between each set, then on to the next strength exercise etc…. for 1 hour. 

Here’s what I did instead:  4 sets of 15 Chest Press on the exercise ball & 4 sets of Wall Squats using the exercise ball & 4 sets of Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press (All sets using 15lb weights) and 20 push-up on my kitchen table.  I rested about 2 mins in-between each set of everything instead of the aerobic part on the stepper.

I did it, I didn’t quit, I persevered through not wanting to do this AND looked past the physical part of not able to do everything I wanted to do or supposed to do.   I sure didn’t sweat like I normally do so it wasn’t a real hard workout. 

The one thing I know to be a success at this health journey is to persevere and find a way to keep going.

I also think I need to make a doctor’s appt for next week.  My left knee still has a bruise and bump from a fall in the street like 6 or 7weeks ago as well as my upper left arm is weak and feels so sore, which is painful sometimes.  I want to make sure something is not wrong.  I also want to be in “tip top” shape for when I return to my workouts with Dave in two weeks.