Well, it’s official!  I’m now a “poster child” for my trainer’s business.  My before and after pics flash first thing.   To see it, click on this link.  http://www.truhealthandwellness.com

Hopefully by the end of the year a third pic will be up.  The last one showing a total of 165 lbs lost!

Until then, I have another 65 pounds to go.  The pressure is ON!  It’s one thing writing an anonymous blog; it’s another to be out there in front of everyone with your name on it!  🙂

I’m ready to tackle this with the help of Dave, my online friends, my close friends, my co-workers and most of all My God!


I want you guys to meet my trainer, Dave.  Click on this link here to watch a little 2 minute spot on our local NBC station here in San Diego!  This morning he and Craig, the other co-owner, talked about balance in the key to weight loss.   This is the second T.V. spot they’ve done this year!  The first one was all about Metabolic Typing. 

Also, Dave kindly commented on my post about saying goodbye to my scale , it’s a must read for anyone who may feel the scale is an emotional roller coaster! 

Stay healthy everyone!