Where does the time go, my friends!  It’s July 1st, 2010.  My desire has been to blog my health journey, which lately has fallen by the waistside. 

I have not stopped my health journey, however I’ve had my struggles the last few months. I’ve been around the same weight for the last 5 months or so.  I’ve lost a total of 105lbs and need to lose 70 more!  I weigh in at 204.  I’ve been between 197 and 223 the last 5 months.  I can’t seem to stay under 200. 

My trainer talks about Desire and Belief.  You have to have both in order for change to happen in your life, no matter what it is.  I’ve had the desire and passion to lose the rest of the weight but have not really believed I can weigh 130lbs.  I haven’t believed I can get the agility back in my knees and the physical fitness to where I can do just about anything when it comes to activity and sports.  Without the belief, the motivation has died even though the desire has been overwhelming. 

Then, when I got comfortable losing 105lbs and comfortable in my new body the desire to lose more was gone!  I get compliments all the time on how good I look now and how desireable I am now. My doctor, friends, family are all very proud of me. I feel fantastic and look good.  The belief came back because of what I’ve already accomplished but the desire to push and do more died. 

Therefore I have been in a “Self-Induced Plateau”.  I read a blog today that helped me realize where I am and the encouragement I got back was tremendous.  It’s a trainer’s blog and she used this expression, which really hit the nail on the head.  It’s been my mental attitude that has kept me from moving forward. 

My trainer believes once I make it through this wall of mental status, get back to the desire with the belief that I can do it and get under the 200 mark….the rest will melt off and I will get to my goal.  He told me on Tuesday that I need to be comfortable with getting uncomfortable.  I need to eat clean, even though I don’t want to.  I need to cleanse, when I don’t want to.  I need to workout, when I don’t want to.  That’s when the success comes in, not when it’s easy. 

Today I’m feeling the desire as well as the belief that I can get to my goal of True Health & Wellness for my life.  I’m definitely uncomfortable today, so I’m in the right place 🙂  I’m on day 2 of a 7 day cleanse.  I worked out on Tuesday with my trainer.  Yesterday I did 50 mins on the treadmill at an 8 incline at 3.5 speed with 4 one minute runs at a 3 incline and 5.3 speed.  Tonight, my best friend is coming over and it’s Competition Thursday.  We’ll do a combo of strength training and cardio for one hour.


I sure have gotten back into the routine of working out!  It’s been killing me, haha!!   I’ve been seeing Dave, my trainer, on a regular basis again – twice a week.  He’s really been kicking my butt!  During this cleanse I have zero inflammation to my knees so he’s having me  do more walk/runs!  My legs are sooo sore.    My rest times between cardio and weights are less now too and he closely watches the time.  Sweat is pouring off by the end of the hour!  I used to get grossed out by all the sweat that literally pours off but now it’s almost like a badge of honor!  Does anyone else feel that way?  In fact sometimes I gauge my workouts by how sweaty I can get. 

I must confess I was a big baby and complainer this week with Dave.  Each time I left dripping in sweat.  My mental status is not in a good place now.  I clearly don’t see the big picture this week.  It plays with my head when I work out doing a lot of cardio and don’t see the results I want on the scale!!!    I can’t believe how much it brought me down yesterday.  This is why I don’t own a scale and am weighed by Dave only.  I’m clearly still unable to use it as just a tool.  It affects my mood in a negative way!  😦

My planned workouts for the next several days looks like this:

Today (Friday) – DAY OFF!!! 

Saturday – 25 mile Bike Ride (all flat)

Sunday – Gym, Treadmill Walk/Runs for 1 hr and some weight training

Monday – Gym, Treadmill Walk/Runs

Tuesday – Workout with Dave

Wedneday – ???

Thursday – Workout with Dave

I had several personal goals and reasons for doing this 20 day master cleanse in each area of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.  I achieved and learned much in each of these categories.

Let’s start with The Physical:

  • I lost 18 1/2 lbs and 10 inches total by day 20 (If I gain anything back due to eating again, it should only be a couple as I’m continuing to eat healthy & take in less than I’m expending in exercise)
  • My tongue is a very pretty pink color (no white film indicates the detox worked)
  • My skin is so soft
  • I have very little if any inflammation in my body
  • I feel ‘clean’ inside; the detox worked
  • I’m only craving healthy & nutritious foods
  • My energy level feels great and higher, as long as I get the proper amount of sleep
  • My knees feel normal, I can bend them with zero swelling (unless I stand or walk too long…inflammation is still an issue but not as bad as prior to the cleanse) For those who don’t know I have Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome & Arthritis in my knees/hips
  • I’m a type 2 diabetic who does not take insulin, when checked, my bs numbers where below 100 most of the time
  • I seem to be wanting to drink water more (prior to cleanse I never thought about it therefore a difficult thing for me to to accomplish)
  • The other physical benefits I won’t know until I get the blood work done through my doctor in August. 

Coming off the cleanse experience:  I really liked squeezing my own oranges for the OJ 🙂 !  All I had on Friday was the fresh OJ.  It certainly acted like a diuretic so I’m sure on Friday I lost at least the other 1/2 lb to be at a 19lb loss.  Saturday morning I had OJ again and began cutting and preparing all the veggies for my vegetable soup.  I’ve never made it before so this was a first for me.  I didn’t follow a specific recipe but looked at many and took what I liked from various ones to make up my own.  Basically here’s what I did to make the soup…

Ingredients:  All fresh from Henry’s and a lot of it was organic.  This is off the top of my head, I may be missing some of the ingredients.  My camera is not working or I’d take a picture of it.  It came out great and I loved it!

  • Organic Leeks
  • Sweet Onion
  • Red & Green Peppers
  • Minced Garlic
  • Organic Celery
  • Plum Tomatoes
  • Organic Zucchini
  • Organic Crimini Button Mushrooms
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Green Beans
  • Sweet Corn cut from the Cob
  • Small White Potatoes
  • Parsley 
  • Organic Low Sodium Veggie Bullion Cubes
  • Distilled Water
  • Olive Oil
  • Veggie Mix of Organic Dried Barely, Lentils, Split Green & Yellow Peas
  • Sea Salt & Pepper

I sauteed the Leeks, Onions, garlic first with some olive oil in the pot for about 7 to 8 minutes, then slowly added the other veggies except spinach and parsley.  In the mean time I dissolved the Bullion Cubes in hot water.  When the veggies were becoming soft I added the veggie broth and distilled water as needed.  When it came to a boil I began adding dried mix of beans/peas then the spinach & parsley.   Let simmer for an hour or so, adding more water or broth when needed.  I kept trying the broth for flavor.  Adding the salt & pepper to taste.  Loved it!

I was able to eat some of the broth by 11:00am and then have the full on soup with the soft veggies by 2:00pm!  Had another bowl of soup later around 6:00 or so.  My system took it very well.  No problems.

Sunday I woke up and had the last of my freshly squeezed OJ and some honeydew melon a nectarine and a few grapes.  It was heaven!  I had fruit and soup most of the day.  Last night I tried my first raw salad with some oil & vinegar.  It was very good.

Today so far I’ve had some fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, grapes and nectarine!  Had a snack bag size of unsalted roasted and raw cashews, almonds, peanuts, pistachio, hazelnut & filberts with a little raw shaved coconut!  Been munching on that most of the day.  Had a salad just now with balsamic vinaigrette.  I think I ate too much salad as I became full.  I also put too much of the balsamic on it.  I will scale that back next salad.  I haven’t felt full in 24 days!  Opps…I’m learning.  I even used a smaller bowl than before the cleanse.  Guess still too much. 

In an upcoming post I’ll share the emotional & mental aspect of what I went through and learned during this cleanse.  This is the harder post to write as I seem to have had the most benefits in this area.  I want to be able to articulate what I’ve learned as the emotional eater that I am!

These last four days are killing me!  Hahaha.  When I first started I knew I needed to just settle in as it was gonna be a long ride, therefore the great mindset and attitude.  Now that I’m so close to the finish line…I’m anxious for this to be over!  This means I’m a tad more grumpy…

Had a great workout both Friday and Sunday!  Friday I did 35 mins between the elliptical and the recumbent bike as well as 45 mins in the pool doing laps.  Sunday I did 50 mins between the elliptical and bike with 35 mins in the pool doing laps!  I tried my under water lap, which I haven’t done in so long.  Not there yet but getting closer.  I’m able to swim on top of the water and get all the way across with no breaths (25 meters)! 

I had a very emotional bad day on saturday.  Fought with a friend, which left my heart heavy.  Going through this cleanse for 20 days has taught me, should I say forced me, to not go to food to relive me from my emotions….UGH!!! 

Short post, just wanted to say I’m looking forward to eating some good healthy foods.  I’m craving beef, salad with everything, watermelon and raspberries!  I kinda want a baked sweet potato too…oh and some nice grilled smoked salmon…oh yea that would be nice!

Ok, I have to stop thinking about food…

I’m on day 10 of my 20 day cleanse!  Whoohoo, I made it half way!  I have to say today is the first day I’m grumpy and don’t want to be on this anymore!  Last night I got pretty frustrated, irritated and angry at a few trivial situations.  My mood was worse I think being on the clease because I couldn’t go to food!  Good news is this, as an emotional eater since I was on the cleanse I couldn’t go to food. 

I went to the gym to see if that would relieve some of the stress.  I really didn’t want to go as it was getting late and didn’t have the amount of time I normally want before it closed.  I wanted to make sure I had pool and sauna time with my workout.  I did 30 mins on lvl 4 of the elliptical and bike at high speeds.  I also swam for 35 mins freestyle with my pull-buoy.  I got in about 15 mins of the sauna.  Pretty much had a bad attitude during the whole workout as I couldn’t find my MP3 player that I was sure I put in the gym bag!  No music….AHHH!  Fortunately a friend called and talked with me for 25 minutes!  That really helped to distract me.  He was telling me all about the exercise he’s now doing and the foods he’s now trying to stay away from.  I seem to be inspiring those around me with my new choices and by seeing the results in me with my weight loss.

Speaking of inspiring others, I was so excited to find out how my two co-workers did on starting the cleanse today.  They both caved on day two!  One went to the Big San Diego Fair on Day One and did just fine.  I thought that was brave of her.  She caved on day two, Father’s day, because she was cooking all the food for the BBQ that was at their house.  She was fine until she brought out the homemade baked beans and deviled eggs she had just made.  Apparently her favorites.  She couldn’t do it and ate the baked beans and eggs!  The other co-worker said he did great on day one and drank a lot of the lemonade.  Father’s day on Sunday was the culprit for him as well.  The event he attended gave out this really big delicious looking sugar cookies to all the dad’s.  He said it was staring at him on the drive home on the passenger seat of his car.  He caved and ate the cookie!  They both want to try again another time perhaps. 

This cleanse is definately not as easy as some say.  I can’t tell you exactly why I’ve been able to do it execpt that I made a committment to myself, to God and my trainer that I would do this.  Also because I want the benefits I’ve talked about in earlier posts.  I have the right mind to accomplish this task for sure…..without it I would have caved as well, I’m sure of it.  The only reason I’m not giving up is that I’ve gone 10 days and don’t want to stop now even though I want food now please!

First I have to apologize for my Blogroll disappearing!  I didn’t realize it had just dropped off until I went to add a new blogger…not sure how long it’s been but everyones back now!  🙂

I stopped at Trader Joes to pick up some more lemons & limes (I read in the original Master Cleanse Book you can uses limes too!) and to see if I could find any grade B dark amber organic syrup.  I did!  Whoohoo!  Everyday it seems as though I’m running into the aromas of awesome food.  The store was having this big event of some local Padres players signing autographs!  They were BBQing right in front of the store!  HA!  I’ve noticed so far that I am not hungry until I see or smell food!  I’m feeling achy and my knee joints are still inflamed and hurting some.  It will be a few more days for the inflammation to subside.  The “achy-ness” is normal and just means the detoxing is working. 

When I did the cleanse last year for 5 days, it was quite different.  It was only 5 days, I was living alone and could keep myself for the most part away from food and my attitude wasn’t the best or really wanted to do it.  I wasn’t sure of the effects it would have on my diabetes and my body or if I could even do it!  This time I know what I’m walking into and completely 100% embracing the process and looking forward to the benefits knowing it will not harm my body.  I remember being grumpy on day 3 last time…I’m not today, I’m quite happy! 🙂

Yesterday’s workout for me was awesome!  Before I went to the gym I did some @home strength training on my own, then headed out for some cardio and swimming. 


3 sets of 25 Chest Presses w/15lb weights

2 sets of 20 push-ups (desk height level)

1 set of 30 Chest to Shoulder Press w/15lbs alternating arms


Total of 30 mins cardio on the recumbent bike & elliptical on lvl 3, alternating each machine at 5 min intervals.  I had the bike between 72 and 85mph and the elliptical between 5.5 and 7.5rmps.  I hit the sauna for 10 mins.  The sauna at this new gym is so much hotter then the one I used to go to!  I changed for the pool.  I had to wait about 5 mins to share a lane with someone.  Ok, that’s not true…it took me 5 mins to ask this young really hot guy if I could share a lane with him.  🙂  I love at my age how I still get flustered when good looking men are around..hahaha!  I’m sure I’ll get more confident when I lose the weight and get fit and healthy!  After he said, “of course, please”  I proceeded to swim for 50 mins.  I did freestyle with my pull-buoy 90% of the time.  The times I didn’t use the pull-buoy I took it easy on my knees!  I soaked in the jacuzzi for 20 mins then called it a night!  I felt really great afterwards.

First day at work on the cleanse….so far, a few hours in, day 3 is fine.  I’ve heard from SO many folks that day 3 is the hardest.  I don’t think it will be this time as my outlook is quite different!

First I have to say that I woke up to the aroma’s of a fabulous breakfast my roommate had made for herself this morning!  I thought to myself, “this is going to be a long 20 days!!!”  Therefore I decided to pray before even getting out of BED, which I may not have done if I hadn’t smelled that awesome food! 

I freshed squeezed 6 organic lemons and stored it in the fridge for the day.  I added 5 Tbs of the lemon juice and 5 Tbs of the organic dark amber grade A maple syrup into a 20 oz thermos with cold distilled water.  Then commenced the shaking!  I then added a tad of the cayenne pepper and really starting shaking it!  At minimum I need to drink 40 oz of this a day, so 2 of my tumblers worth!

By the way, Grade B is better for this diet than Grade A and they say room temperature water is best as well.  But it’s also OK to use Grade A and cold or hot water for your drink.  Since I’ll be on this for 20 days I’ve decided to start out with Grade A.  When I finish this bottle I’m going to buy and try the Grade B, which has more minerals and has a stronger maple flavor and I hear is cheaper too! 

I’m surprised I put ANY cayenne pepper in this time.  The last time I did the cleanse I put too much and hated the taste….was kinda nasty.  I like some spice in my food but not hot and spicy like most of my family and friends.  I put very little of the cayenne.  I plan on trying to increase the amount slowly as the days go by. 

Ok so…I started drinking it and to my amazement…It tasted good this time and I drank the whole 20 oz in 30 mins!  I want to go make more now!  I’m already half way to minimum and it’s only 10:30am!  Looks like I’ll be drinking more than 40 oz today. 

I feel pretty stoked about doing this cleanse this time around.  Not so much the 20 day aspect but I know I can do 5 days of this and remember the small benefits from that.  I’m really looking forward to the larger benefits and all aspects of this physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! 

My plan for today is to settle in and get used to this idea of the cleanse, go buy some laxative tea and sea salt as that’s something else recommended for the cleanse.  I plan on going to the gym for some cardio and swimming too!  I may do a little strength training at home like chest presses and such.  I have to go to the post office and purchase some gift cards for friend today too. 

Oh…get this…I am attending a huge celebration dinner tonight for our youth and young adult pastors who are moving to Iowa next week to start a new ministry!  They’ve been here 10 years now.  I”m guessing we’ll have about 150 in attendance!  If any of you attend church know that FOOD is a big part of celebrations!  This will be my first challenge to stay faithful to my quest!

This morning I feel ready to tackle the world and enjoy this process whatever it may bring!  (I may have to read this particular blog on like day 10 when I may not be feeling this chipper..hahaha!)